Bridge Buzz: Electrofishing

Lower Reach - Outlet at the Detroit RiverWDBA is using electrofishing to monitor fish populations in the enhanced Broadway Drain. Electrofishing is a common technique used by fisheries biologists to sample fish populations in bodies of freshwater. As the name implies, electrofishing uses a small amount of electricity to temporarily stun fish for handling with minimal stress or injury. Fish are immediately caught in a net to learn details about fish populations such as species composition, age distribution, and presence of invasive species. Once processed, fish are released back into their natural habitat. Biologists use either small backpack shockers or electrofishing boats. Post-construction monitoring is being conducted within the Broadway Drain to determine habitat usage by various fish species along the entire realigned drain. Overall, the Broadway Drain is showing signs of improvement from the pre-construction state and is now providing fish habitat to a variety of species.