Construction Sites are No Trespassing Zones

To the general public, construction sites are intriguing but they also pose a safety risk.

There are many reasons why unauthorized persons must not trespass on construction sites.

No Tresspassing SignEntering a construction site, even when there is no active construction taking place, is extremely dangerous. There are ditches, culverts, supply lines and other hazards that the general public may not be aware of and which could be unsafe to people walking, playing or riding on the site.

Construction sites may also include specific areas which are being protected from construction activities because of their cultural or environmental significance. Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) is taking considerable measures to ensure that species at risk plants and animals are protected during the Early Works activities at the Canadian Port of Entry. Unauthorized persons could adversely impact mitigation measures to protect species at risk plants and wildlife.

The public is reminded that the land being developed for the Gordie Howe International Bridge project is not open to the public and that trespassers may be charged.

For your own safety, remember – construction sites are no trespassing zones.

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