Planning Needs and Feasibility (P/NF) Study

The Planning Needs and Feasibility (PN/F) Study identifies a long-term strategy to meet the needs of the transportation network serving the border between Southeastern Michigan and Southwestern Ontario. The study was conducted by the governments of Canada, United States, Ontario and Michigan which formed a bi-national partnership with the purpose of improving the movement of people and goods across the Canada-U.S. border.

The PN/F Study was initiated in 2002. Once completed, the technical working papers and reports developed over the study period were made available to government agencies and departments, municipalities, border stakeholders and the public for their comment and input.

In 2004, the finalized PN/F Study, which recommended infrastructure projects to address border crossing deficiencies, was presented to the bi-national government partnership. The results of the study were then used to initiate formal environmental studies on both sides of the border which would ultimately lead to the recommendation of a new publicly-owned bridge between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.