Snake Craft

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Snake Craft

WDBA is taking steps to ensure that wildlife and several species at risk (SAR), plants or animals in danger of extinction, are protected while construction is taking place.   

To keep wildlife and SAR, in particular snakes such as the Eastern Foxsnake and Butler’s Gartersnake from danger, more than 4. 3 kilometres of exclusion fencing has been built around the Canadian Port of Entry (POE). This fence prevents wildlife from climbing over or burrowing under the fence. The construction side is inspected regularly to identify any species that have re-entered the fenced area. If necessary, a certified environmental specialist will safely relocate any SAR found.

To learn more about the exclusion fence, read our Fact Sheet and watch our video.

Butler's Gartersnake wrapped around a hand



The Butler’s Gartersnake is one of the smallest snakes found in Ontario and grows to only 69 centimetres in total length. It is brown with three yellow stripes: one down the back and one on each side. The chin and belly of the Butler's gartersnake are yellowish.

The Eastern Foxsnake is the third-largest snake in Ontario and can reach a length of up to 1.7 metres. Its body is yellow to light brown with large, dark brown blotches down the back and two alternating rows of smaller blotches along the sides. This snake has a reddish brown head with dark bars around the eyes and a yellow chin. Its belly, which is also yellow, has alternating brown patches.


Eastern Foxsnake in the grass


Follow the directions below and make your own Eastern Foxsnake
or Butler’s Gartersnake

What you need: small or large paper plate, scissors, glue, paint, crayons or markers.

1. Cut plate into coil shape Paper plate cut into the shape of a snake



2.  Shape the head.



3. Cut a forked tongue from the plate scraps. Glue it to the mouth.Painted paper plate snake


4. Paint or colour the snake.




Child making a snake craft

Take a photo of you and your project and share with us and we’ll add it to our Facebook and Twitter feeds, @WDBAbridge #GordieHoweBridge


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