Community Benefits

Windsor-Essex County and Detroit and Delray residents have contributed community benefits ideas either directly to WDBA or through community leaders and agencies. Community Benefits is not just a requirement for the Gordie Howe International Bridge project - it is a priority for Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) as a corporate citizen in the Windsor-Detroit region.

It is important that the Community Benefits Plan reflect what our stakeholders have told us is important to them. The three Proponent teams are developing their draft Community Benefits Plans now. Just like every other project requirement, the plans will be submitted and evaluated by WDBA. The Community Benefits Plan will be implemented by the private-sector partner to be on board in September 2018, with stringent oversight by WDBA.

To support the three Proponent teams and to ensure that their plans reflect community input, WDBA has been actively engaging Windsor and Detroit residents, Indigenous Peoples, leaders, municipalities, non-profit and social services organizations, and business representatives since 2015.

This consultation has positively influenced our approach to Community Benefits and has resulted in:

  • the development of the I-CARE framework, a set of principles that will guide the delivery of the Community Benefits Plan

  • the receipt of over 200 suggestions of what could be included in a plan that uniquely and specifically reflects this region, all of which have been provided to the Proponents

  • the identification of regional priorities which Proponents will reflect in their draft plans that include local workforce and training strategies, the mitigation of construction impacts for nearby residents and businesses, community connections, enhanced landscaping and aesthetics, and economic and community development opportunities

  • the request for ongoing engagement with the community while the plan is delivered, which will be achieved through the formation of a bi-national local community group and through transparent reporting to the public.

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