Construction Activities: United States

Construction Activities: United States

Dates and times provided below may change due to weather conditions and other factors affecting construction activities. Although this list is intended to be comprehensive, unavoidable emergency road detours and road closures may occur. Please watch for workers when travelling in the area. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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Week of December 10, 2018

Demolition Activity

Building demolition work is currently planned to occur along Springwells Ct. (between W. Jefferson Ave. and the river), along S. Post St. (between W. Jefferson Ave. and South St.), along Waterman St. (between South St. and the railroad tracks), along Livernois Ave. (between South St. and the railroad tracks), along Livernois Ave. (between South St. and Holly St.) and along Military St. (between W. Jefferson Ave. and the railroad tracks). Intermittent lane closures are expected along various streets throughout the footprint.

Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI)

PSI work is scheduled to occur along S. Post St. (between South St. and the railroad tracks) and along Livernois Ave. (between South St. and the railroad tracks). Seeding and mulching may also be ongoing at various parcels throughout the footprint. This work is not anticipated to impact traffic.

Survey Activity Work

Crews will be conducting site survey work throughout the project footprint, along I-75 and the North and South Service Drives. Geotechnical work will occur near Springwells Court and the Lafarge area. Contingent intermittent survey work may be required for various parcels throughout the entire project area.

Utility Work

Miscellaneous utility work may be occurring on various streets within the footprint. Intermittent lane closures may be required. Tree cutting and miscellaneous debris removal may also be occurring throughout the footprint.



Construction Activities